Approved is better!

SKL (Foundation for Quality Control of Agricultural Equipment) in Wageningen (the Netherlands) is the Dutch organisation for testing agricultural machines in use.

Inspection of application equipment in use in greenhouses

Customers are demanding safe food and flowers with excellent quality, grown with repect to the enviroment. Therefore application equipment for pesticides in good condition is a key-element. SKL started with the periodical insepction of fixed and semi-mobile sprayers in 2005. With the implementation of the EU directive for a Sustainable use of pesticides the inspection is mandatory.

The sprayers are tested according the harmonized standard EN-ISO16122:4 (2015). The inspections are doning by a nation wide network of SKL recognised workshops. The inspection can be done both a the workshop but also on the location of the grower.

This recognized workshops has the right equipment and well-trained test operators to perform the inspections is the right way. 

SKL supervises the workshops, the testing equipment is checked on a yearly base and unexpected reviews are done on already inspected sprayers.

Also the periodical inspection of Low Volume Application equipment is mandatory. SKL has developped a Dutch inspection protocol because the lack of a harmonized standard.