Approved is better!

SKL (Foundation for Quality Control of Agricultural Equipment) in Wageningen (the Netherlands) is the Dutch organisation for testing agricultural machines in use.

Inspection of sprayer in use in fruit-growing and tree-nursery

Adequate, well-maintained and calibrated application equipment are the key towards good quality crops, efficient application of pesticides and minimum impact on the enviroment. Therefore the inspection of air-assisted sprayers for bush and tree-crops is mandatory in the Netherlands since 2002. All air-assisted sprayers are tested since then every 2 (and later 3) years. The quality of the total population of sprayers has raised a lot since then. But the periodical is still very usefull, more as half of the inspected sprayers needs repairs before they can pass the inspection.

Since the implemtation of the EU directive for a Sustainble Use of Pesticides also the inspection of band-sprayers  is mandatory.

A nation wide network of SKl recognised inspection workshops are ready to test the sprayers. This workshops have the right testing equipment and trained test-operators to perform the inspections in the right way.

SKL is supervising the workshops, checks their testing equipment on a yearly base and performed unexpected reviews on allready inspected sprayers in order to guarntee the quality and uniformity of the performed insections.

The workshops are mostly dealers of agricultural equipment, as a service they offer the insection of sprayers. For the farmer it has the advantage that there is a one-stop-shopping concept. The during the inspection detected defects can be repaired directly, so the farmer can go home with an approved (and repaired sprayer)